STB is an R&D company focused on cutting-edge developments in information technology and data science.

We have a team of highly-skilled experts with extensive experience in both academic research and development for production.

Our mission is to identify the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow, and use them in delivering efficient solutions across a wide variety of problem areas today.

Deep Learning

Less than a decade ago, the emergence of affordable, high-performance hardware that could efficiently run decades-old ML algorithms sparked a second AI rennaissance. Since then, the field has progressed at an astounding rate, leading to its current frontier: Deep Learning. AI and Deep Learning are already transforming our lives at a fundamental level, as they become successfully integrated into a wide variety of application domains. The value they bring is clear. At STB, we use our expertise in the field of Deep Learning to bring value to our clients, and magic to our software functionality.

Data Analytics

Business requires complex problem solving. How much revenue will your company generate this quarter? How well will the company decisions diffuse in company? Why customer demands are changing? Often, answers hint via observations, and observations are data. At STB, we find the relevant variables regarding problems. Exploit them, and not only solve the problem, but also unearth potential risks via perturbing the variables. Here, we observe, analyze and structure data to gaze upon tomorrow from today to meet your workflow’s needs.

Secure VPN

The internet gives us access to our data, at a global scale. But access can be extremely costly if security and privacy are not ensured. STB provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology solutions that enable you to build your infrastructure to take advantage of the power of connectivity without compromising information security. We use our expertise in cryptography, network engineering and software development in developing secure and high-performance VPN solutions that make use of strong cryptographic primitives in an elegant and auditable way.

Information Security

Information Security is becoming more important every day. Computers serve to make data accessible, but this makes protecting information security and privacy challenging. However, these are key requirements for running a successful business. Thankfully, proper application of key concepts and technologies make it possible to ensure information security in the information age. At STB, we use our experience in key areas such as cryptography, devops, cybersecurity and software development to help our clients protect their most important information assets.

Quantum Computation

Classical computing is a powerful tool that allows one to solve everyday problems at an instance. However, as the problems grow, traditional methods become less efficient for specific cases. To undertake this issue, we need better tools. Quantum computing provides an astounding speedup for particular problems. This new method leverages quantum mechanical phenomenons called superposition and entanglement to provide an exponential decrease to computation time. STB engineers and scientists are working on combining Deep Learning and Quantum Computing methods to boost classical computing at unprecedented rates.

Data Visualization

Whenever one is stuck, it is often a change in perspective one requires. Perspective is Math in high dimensions. We are here for you to crystallize the perspective problems speak through, show it in colors. As STB Analytics Team, we understand your challenges, and explain them in simple terms.

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